What England’s Cricket World Cup win means for collectors…

For the first time EVER, England have become World Cup Cricket champions in one of the most nail-biting finals in sporting history! Whether you are into cricket or not, there’s no denying this is a really exciting time for English sport – I have to admit, I’m not a Cricket fanatic but I was on the edge of my seat watching the end of the match to see if we would win and was totally bowled over (pardon the pun) when we won!

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Stand-by for a surge in Spider-Man collectables

With great power comes great responsibility’ – so check that attic ‘responsibly’ for rare ‘Spidey’ valuables among the cobwebs.

One of the biggest movies of the Summer Spider-Man: Far From Home has just had its UK release. A spin-off from all the publicity surrounding this latest film, starring British actor Tom Holland, is a boost in demand for the vast range of Spider-Man collectables.

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REVEALED: The Spider-Man Collectables Range…

Since the 1960’s, Spider-Man has become Marvel’s flagship superhero. From the Amazing Fantasy series in the Silver Age of comic books to the latest MCU Silver Screen release, it is fair to say that Spider-Man has earnt his cult status. Collectology HQ has been alive with talk of all things Spider-Man today with half the…

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Five Amazing cricket relics that bowled collectors over

Cricket’s World Cup has been one of the major sporting events of this summer taking place in cricket’s great venues in England and Wales. It’s a tournament which presents a glorious opportunity for collectors and lovers of the game to grab some genuine cricket relics.  Cricket creates a vast emporium of memorabilia because professional players…

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Harry Potter edition sells for £3,250 and this is why. . .

Auctioneers Vectis, based in Stockton-on- Tees, had valued the book between £300 and £500, but what made it attractive to Harry Potter fans were star-studded signatures inside the cover.
t was autographed by the stars of the movie version, including Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe. At the time Daniel was only 11-years-old

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