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Revealed: the brand new collectables range celebrating the world’s biggest music legends…

It’s fair to say that music has always been a source of enormous collectability, with a culture of owning records and growing collections of music resurging in recent years. In fact, I find myself inundated with emails from collector’s looking for the rarest and most unusual music commemoratives.
If you didn’t manage to catch our Music Legends Show, you can watch the whole thing by clicking here> If not, here is a quick-fire rundown of the Music Legends range which will spark your nostalgia and transport you back to a time of bell-bottoms and flamboyance…

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Music Legends 1: Elton John Collectables that hit the high notes!

Rock and pop music has long been an inspiration for collectors. From signed photographs to rare editions of vinyl records, music memorabilia will always remain popular with collectors.

Here is the first of our Music Legends series on rock and pop superstars. Where we are looking into the world of music memorabilia and what coll we collect just for the nostalgia, the love and as a possible future investment

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BREAKING NEWS: Official UK Elton John stamps just released…

Royal Mail have literally JUST announced one of the most exciting stamp issues of the year; Sir Elton John!
50 years on from his debut album, Empty Sky, and as he continues his final world tour – Farewell Yellow Brick Road – Royal Mail take a look back at Elton’s prolific career with the third release in a series of stamps dedicated to ‘Music Giants’, preceded only by Pink Floyd and David Bowie!

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